about us

Kitchen is supervised by tireless brand Chef Dmitry Parikov. He handpicked dishes to go well with a glass of wine. It is more than ordinary cheese and bread. Meat and seafood lovers, and even vegetarians are sure to find a favorite to pair with a glass (or bottle) of happy grape juice for adults.

To continue an enogastronomic experiment, stop by for breakfast or lunch.

I Like Wine is all about... wine. We have over 100 items affectionately chosen by our sommeliers. Make sure to taste it all. Magic Coravin device allows us to serve almost every bottle by glass.

Moscow’s most European wine bar delivering excellent food Vladimir Perelman
Панини ростбиф тоскано 530 ₽

Rosbif Toscano 530 ₽

Карчофино 250 ₽

Carciofino 250 ₽

Костьера 380 ₽

Costiera 380 ₽